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Welcome to - your go-to resource for building accessible web applications! Here we dive into the world of web accessibility. Our project aims to make accessibility easily understood and effortlessly actionable by developers, designers, copywriters, and testers. We aim to provide straightforward, practical content that empowers everyone to create inclusive web applications. In this first blog post, we will explore the reasons behind the project and share plans for the future.


The motivation behind this project is to make web accessibility more accessible to all. Often, the guidelines and principles surrounding accessibility appear complex, making it difficult for professionals from different backgrounds to use them effectively. This project tries to change that.


The goal is to make accessibility more approachable and integrate it into every professional's toolkit. By providing simple, plain language summaries of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 success criteria, we aim to remove barriers and empower individuals to implement accessibility best practices effortlessly.

This journey just started but several initiatives are planned already to help make the web more accessible. Some of the future plans are:

  • Accessibility Poster: Accessibility posters visually represent the core principles, guidelines, and techniques of web accessibility. This poster will serve as a handy reference guide, reminding professionals of the key steps required to create inclusive web apps.
  • Up-to-date Statistics: To highlight the importance and impact of web accessibility, we will present insightful statistics on accessibility. These statistics will serve as evidence for why accessibility should be high on the priority list for all web applications.
  • Video Examples: To enhance understanding and practical implementation, the plan is to create videos that demonstrate various accessibility techniques. These videos will cover all success criteria and later to be added practical guides, offering step-by-step instructions.
  • Guides: Another plan is to develop guides that cover various aspects of web accessibility. These guides will provide detailed explanations, best practices, and actionable steps, catering to the diverse needs and skill levels of our readers.